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Helping You
Help Others

Left Hand Ministries wants you to serve others! Tell Left Hand Ministries about your interests and talents by clicking the link below.  We will search through our network of endorsed organizations and inventory of like-minded individuals and match you with several potentially meaningful  service opportunities based on your profile. 

Left Hand Ministries searches for organizations needing back-end-support whether financial or administrative and help them overcome whatever hurdles or obstacles may stand in the way of actualizing their service objectives.  98% of every donated dollar will be used to identify & support these organizations. Through our partnerships we seek to help spur these organizations to a state of self-sufficiency in both structure and function . 

Helping Us Help Others
Helping Others
Help Others

Left Hand Ministries wants to empower orthodox youth and young adults to think big and serve others in love and humility.   Left Hand Ministries will provide an annual grant to an individual or group with a well formulated business plan for a service initiative.  Applications will be accepted and reviewed by the Board of Directors and granted at year end.  To submit and application please contact us for more information. 

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